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Ramona Trail Challenge

Welcome to the 2023 Ramona Trail Challenge! Over the next three months we will be enjoying some of the awesome hiking Ramona has to offer, so come on out and bring your friends!

Every month we will feature two trails to hike, bike, or equestrian ride. Don’t worry about summits just get out and enjoy our trails! After you are done swing by Kit Fox Outfitters and pick your stickers for the month! Easy and FUN!

Keep checking back here because we have a bunch of neat stuff planned for the 2023 Ramona Trail Challenge! 

*You are responsible for your fun and safety on the trail, check the weather, closures and conditions. Please be prepared and know your limits, we want this to be fun.

*One trail sticker per person during their featured month (while supplies last) so make sure you swing by before the end of each month.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at: Ramona Trail Challenge