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Ramona Chamber of Commerce
The Ramona Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary federation of the business community uniting the efforts of business and professional individuals to ensure a healthy economic and socio-economic base to benefit the entire community. The Chamber of Commerce harnesses the tremendous potential of the private enterprise system and enables the chamber’s membership to accomplish collectively what no one could do individually.

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How Does It Work?
The policies and programs of the chamber are determined by its board of directors, elected by the membership. It, in turn, employs a paid executive director, whose basic responsibility is to organize and execute the chamber’s program and carry out its policies.
What Does it Do?
The chamber represents and promotes the areas economy and encourages business and industrial investment, broadening the tax base and providing employment. To business prospects and newcomers, the chamber represents the community’s self image. Chambers of commerce are increasingly involved in non-commercial areas, such as education, human relations, environmental, cultural, and governmental concerns. These challenges have caused chambers of commerce to become a viable force in seeking solutions to today’s social problems. Chambers of commerce influence national, state and local legislation affecting business.
Who Finances The Chamber?
The chamber of commerce is a “business,” and it incurs costs of operations and expenses similar to any other type of business. Those expenses are apportioned among its members. Individuals and firms, all types of business, industry and the professions are represented. All share a mutual desire to achieve a better community for all its citizens. Chamber membership is an investment in the present and future welfare of both the individual and the community.
Why Join Ramona Chamber of Commerce
The Ramona Chamber of Commerce is the sales representative for this community and businesses unceasingly promoting their products and services-and at the same time is the watch-dog, protecting interests particularly in the political arena. While the voice of a single business may go unheard, the united voice of business via the chamber has been proven effective and beneficial time and again. The benefit of belonging to the chamber is full-time representation and year round results. Through committee involvement, every chamber member contributes to an organizational effort that is mutually beneficial to our community and to the individual. Over the years chamber operations, attitudes and programs have changed to meet the challenges of today. However, one premise remains intact-the integral role of involved and concerned citizens to protect and preserve our free enterprise system. Today, as it was in 1768 when the first chamber of commerce was formed in America, the basic concept of a chamber of commerce remains the same: a voluntary organization representing the business community, and marshaling the energies and efforts of its membership toward the accomplishment of common goals.
When Should I join?
TODAY! The opportunities available to you as a chamber member are numerous and profitable. The benefits are tangible for the individual as well as the community. Today’s investment in the Ramona Chamber of Commerce will produce immediate results and continued returns.

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