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Contact: Rob Lewallen
Work 16919 Quail Crossing Ramona CA 92065 Work Phone: 760-638-4300Website: http://sustainableramona.com/
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Ramona to become a leading community in the change to land-and-people-friendly climate with growing economy and its own micro-grid with power that the community uses and sells.

Lead the transition to a sustainable climate in Ramona with a growing economy via education, connections, projects, promotions, advocacy, and ultimately a profitable, independent electricity-producing area (micro-grid).

*Advance knowledge through education to address future job needs, home owner opportunities, growing business markets, agricultural changes, water requirements, etc.
*Reach out to other community, County, and State groups to connect and maximize ongoing activities.
*Create projects that will advance our goals, such as, community gardens, tree-planting, composting “drives.”
*Promote successful projects already underway within Ramona.
*Advocate and work toward a long-term goal of making Ramona a profitable, independent electricity-producing area, given its proximity to sun and wind and availability of land.

*Plan and promote local Ramona activities that support sustainability through Earth Day 2021 event
*Create a community garden by end of 2022
*Offer presentations monthly for each of the key areas: renewable energy, transportation, electrification of buildings, weather explanation, firesafe, water usage, waste management
*Explore and highlight business and career opportunities to climate change technologies e.g., electric cars need a new kind of mechanic; all-electric houses will need backups

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