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For the past four years, the Playa de Rosarito Friendship City relationship has grown and flourished through its partnerships on both sides of the border. At the present time there is an active group of more than twenty enthusiastic volunteers involved in cities that are working to enhance this relationship and are committed to programs that will reflect our mutual cultures. During these four years we have created on-going relationships and empowering projects that we now wish to share. Knowing it is people like you who really make the world a better place, we want to inform you of our goals and accomplishments that are truly enhancing the association between the US and Mexico.

Current and past projects:

The Diamond Bar Friends of the Library, the Long Beach Public Library and the Ramona Public Library continues to donate books to our bookmobile and library counterparts in Rosarito.

Artists in our communities have supported the Baja Blues Festival, children’s art projects, the Rosarito Arts Fest and on-going community Art Exchanges.

Scholarship funding for the Friends of Rosarito’s Children supporting youth and orphanages through art, music and dance programs at the CEART facility (Rosarito Art Center).

Continuing significant Donations of Food, Clothing and Toys being given to the Rosarito Orphanages, the Hearts of Baja and Red Cross (Cruz Roja).

Planned support to the Boys and Girls Clubs through donations being directed by Rosy Torres and past Mayor Hugo Torres.

Educational links between representatives from the Los Angeles Police Department and Rosarito Police Department through training and seminars.

To support television programming for the Playing for Change Foundation, which explores the US/Mexico immigration situation and builds bridges instead of walls.

Negotiating to secure an ambulance and fire truck for Rosarito emergency services.

To continue our kind work and enhance the possibilities of achieving our goals, this letter is a request for collaboration and support through our Sisters Cities Inc. non-profit organization (501c3). We are proud of our connection and the good work we have achieved in Rosarito and look forward to many more years of people to people citizen diplomacy that has historically been the foundation for Sister Cities International. We hope you collaborate with us to help champion these exciting projects while lending a hand to our brothers and sisters just a few miles down the road, but living in a very different world.

We thank you for your interest and support – The Rosarito Friendship Association

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