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Contact: Marla Fryman
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Michael and Marla Fryman established Rebel Ranch on Leap Day 2008. While building their home themselves on the burnt-down ranch, they also put in an orchard and began raising small livestock. The idea to establish vineyards came about in 2014. And in early 2016, the first vines went in: Sangiovese and Petite Sirah.

Growing up in San Diego, the couple have been local San Diego business owners since 1983. They started off as florists in the 1980’s, leasing 8 acres of land from the Ecke family to grow field flowers – adjacent to the famous Carlsbad Flower Fields, as well as also leasing acres of greenhouse space in Leucadia. Their business had over 14 floral shop locations throughout San Diego County over the decades. Michael designed and patented the first floral vending machines here. In addition, Michael is a General Contractor, specializing in Commercial Refrigeration (Michael Fryman Refrigeration). He provides refrigeration services to many local business; including the vineyards, wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

“We moved to Ramona in 2008, to find some breathing room from the hustle and bustle of life ‘down the hill’. Our family called us ‘Rebels’ for moving away from urban life. Couldn’t imagine ever going back to that way of living again. And so, the Rebel Ranch was born. Ramona is our forever home!” – Marla Fryman


The Frymans enjoy spending time with their family – which also lives in Ramona. They especially love being “Nana and Papa” to their grandkids!



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