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The Chamber office and the Chamber Visitor Center are open from 10am-3pm Monday - Wednesday and varying hours on Thursday and Friday. Please call the Chamber at 760-789-1311 or email rccstaff@ramonachamber.com for appointments outside operating hours.

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Contact: Barbara Jensen
Home 1441 Main Street, Suite 165 Ramona CA 92065 Work Phone: (760)504-6648Website: http://www.BarbaraJC21.com

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Ramona, Julian, San Diego, Poway and Rancho Bernardo — Five spectacular cities located in the greatest State of America: California!  There’s a reason they call us the The Golden State; the sun, the beaches, the Mountains, the wealth and prosperity — this is Paradise Found, no doubt about it…


So it would only make sense that if you were ready to make the big jump into a better life and actually moved here, you’d need the Best Real Estate Agent the region had to offer… You’d need an Agent who was not only at the top of her game, but who literally sets the bar for everyone else’s “personal best…  In essence, you’d need Realtor Barbara Jensen, a women who once she commits to you, will stop at nothing to find your perfect home… By “stopping at nothing” I mean moving heaven and earth, while harnessing the the power of our California Sun to move into your Dream House…

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