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Our family had a dream of one day having our own farm, where we could enjoy our time together, with friends and our furry animals. We wanted a place that was a Sanctuary for our family, friends and animals. The goal was to create a place that combined our three passions together; our love for growing our own foods, a place for fitness classes and a happy safe place for our animals. This is how Blackledge Farms was born, we hope you can come visit us and enjoy one of our wellness classes or events.


Here at Blackledge Farms LLC we strongly believe that our society needs Farms and the Farmers that grow the foods we consume. The alternative would be lab-created food sources. We take pride in learning methods in sustainable farming and providing our family with fresh local produce, without the use of toxic pesticides or chemicals.


Nigerian Dwarfs and Myotonic Goats are the two breeds of goats that reside here at Blackledge Farms. Our mission is to preserve the integrity of breed by selectively breeding quality show goats. Our pampered Does are treated like princesses, they provide us our milk and we provide them with their best life possible.

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