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Contact: Dr. Eric Shapira
Work Ramona CA 92065 Work Phone: (650)619-1251Website: http://www.agingmentorservices.com/
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A demographic shift is underway. The number of older Americans is growing; life expectancy is increasing. We are approaching a time when older adults will outnumber children for the first time in history. In spite of increased life spans, many of the issues traditionally associated with aging are still prevalent. For your loved ones or yourself, wouldn’t you like to experience the healthiest aging possible?

Dr. Eric Shapira, Clinical Gerontologist/Aging Specialist, is here to answer questions that help you age more healthfully. With so many resources, Dr. Shapira allows you to effectively manage the aging process. Professional advice, health assessments, and transitional counseling are among the services we provide for aging patients and their families.

Are you or someone you care about experiencing the symptoms of aging? Call Dr. Shapira for a consultation: (650) 619-1251.

For more information on healthy aging, pick up a copy of Dr. Shapira’s book, A New Wrinkle: What I Learned From Older People Who Never Acted Their Age, now in its second edition.

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