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Welcome to the Ramona Scavenger Hunt
Below, you will find all the questions and answers to this years scavenger hunt. If you should have any questions, please contact Ramona Chamber.

1A. – Equine Mural:

What color are the braces on the horse’s legs?

Answer: GREY

1C. – Turkey Queen Mural:

Who was the first Turkey Day Queen?

Answer: Gertrude Page

1B – Equine Mural: 

How many pictures are on the Equine Mural?

Answer: FOUR (4)

1D – Turkey Queen Mural: 

What two fire departments had a water fight?

Answer: Ramona and Mt. Woodson

2A. – The Golden Rectangle Mural:

How many crows are painted on the Golden Rectangle?

Answer: Three (3)

2C. – The Golden Rectangle Mural:

What color are the crow’s eyes?

Answer: BLUE

2B. – The Golden Rectangle Mural:

What are the initials inside the heart?

Answer: TAC

2D. – The Golden Rectangle Mural:

How many 4-sided figures are there in the painting?

Answer: Thirteen (13)

3A. – Historic Commerce Mural:

How many horses are pulling the wagon?

Answer: Six (6)

3B. – Historic Commerce Mural:

What side of the mural is the windmill on?

Answer: Right Side

4A. – Guy B. Woodward Museum:

Who dies at age 72?

Answer: William Warnock

4E. – Guy B. Woodward Museum:

Name One of the Out-Buildings

Answer: Ye Olde Millinery Shoppe, Barnett Barn, Bank House, and Tack Room.

4B. – Guy B. Woodward Museum:

How many bird are in the birdbath?

Answer: Three (3)

4F. – Guy B. Woodward Museum:

What is the name of the main house?

Answer: Verlaque House

5 – Ramona Mainstage:

How many colors are on the theater’s neon strips?

Answer: Three (3)

5 – July 4th 1914 Mural:

What is painted in bright colors in the middle of the mural?

Answer: The American Flag

7A. – Lucky Spirit Mural:

Who is holding the airplane?

Answer: Charles Lindberg

7C. – Lucky Spirit Mural:

What is the name of the plane he’s holding?

Answer: Spirit of St. Louis

7B. – Lucky Spirit Mural:

When was the Lucky Spirit Mural re-installed in Ramona?

Answer: July 4th 2016

8A. – Kenilworth:

How Much did a chicken dinner cost?

Answer: One Dollar ($1.00)

8C. – Kenilworth Inn Mural:

How many palm trees are int he front of the inn?

Answer: Two (2)

8B. – Kenilworth Inn Mural:

How was the Kenilworth Inn destroyed?

Answer: It Burned Down

8D. – Kenilworth Inn Mural:

What year did the Kenilworth Inn open?

Answer: 1887

9A. – Music Center Mural:

What initials are on the guitar?

Answer: RMC

9B. – Music Center Mural:

What color is the sleeve of the person playing the guitar?

Answer: Dark Red

10A. – The Old Swimming Hole Mural:

What letter is on the boy’s cap?

Answer: R

10C. – The Old Swimming Hole Mural:

What two initials are in the heart in the bottom left corner?

Answer: R & M

10B. – The Old Swimming Hole Mural:

What animal is jumping into the water?

Answer: A Dog.

11A. – Midget Car Race Mural:

How many cars are racing?

Answer: Four (4)

11C. – Midget Car Race Mural:

What number is the Spike Jones car?

Answer: Forth-Eight (48)

11B. – Midget Car Race Mural:

Car #45 is in what race?

Answer: 4th or Fourth or Last.

12A. – Casey Tibbs Mural:

What color shirt is Casey Tibbs wearing?

Answer: Purple

12C. – Casey Tibbs Mural:

What does he have slung over his shoulder?

Answer: Horse Saddle

12B. – Casey Tibbs Mural:

What color is Casey Tibbs horse?

Answer: Grey

12D. – Casey Tibbs Mural:

What does Casey Tibbs have on his belt buckle?

Answer: A Horse

13A. – Town Hall:

What color is the town hall?

Answer: Red (or version of red)

13B. – Town Hall:

What year was the town hall built?

Answer: 1894

14A. – Jeff Verlaque & Pioneer Store Mural

How many pictures are painted on the building?

Answer: Eleven (11)

14C. – Jeff Verlaque & Pioneer Store Mural

What state is mentioned under the wood burning stove?

Answer: Michigan

14B. – Jeff Verlaque & Pioneer Store Mural:

How many vintage bottles are painted in a row?

Answer: Thirty-Six (36)